This installment of STUFF has “Wow,” “Are you kidding me?!?” and “Cool”… those being the keywords to describe my reaction to each tidbit. Let’s get started:

1: Facebook passed Google as the most visited website in the United States… Wow! Official accounts say it happened the week ending March 13, 2010. Social media is here to stay, but when does it quit being “social?” On that note, here’s a shameless plug/reminder of the Chad Coleman Photography fan page! Ha.

2. A video preview of the ‘content aware’ tool in the forthcoming release of Photoshop CS5 from Adobe… Are you kidding me?!? You’ll just have to watch for yourself. Blurring reality is an understatement on this one. Also a huge time saver for creatives already doing that type of heavy lifting.

3. I’ve seen a trend in stop-motion in advertising, music videos and more… Cool! I love to see photography continue to be used for variety of projects including motion. Last night I saw an ad for the Kindle that made me watch a second time on my DVR before skipping the rest of the ads. Check it out below. Enjoy.