UPDATE:  Shortly after writing this post, I found a new app ShowCase that allows your to produce and publish audio slideshows from your iPhone on the go. I bought the app and will play with it and let you know how it goes…

This installment of stuff is a collection of tidbits that are of interest to me from my roots in a photojournalism profession making a transition to multimedia  and an iPhone app with nice potential for commercial photographers.

1. Monle, a mobile non-linear audio editor. Haven’t tried it yet, but early reviews look positive.

2. A good Multimedia tools list from 10,000 Words. Lots of stuff there, and can be tweaked to your personal preference.

3. Easy Release by ApplicationGap — A model release app for the iPhone, another app on my list to give a test run. Mixed reviews to start, as releases are not yet customizable, but covers all the bases for general use. Email  yourself/client/whomever a pdf of release signed (via touch screen), model info and photo directly from your phone.

Check ’em out, and come back soon. Have a great weekend!