Fresh off the press in the July issue of Seattle Met is a piece I photographed on tree climbing. Now I’ve climbed many trees growing up as a free-range child in Eastern Washington and even spent my fair share of time tied to a rope on a rock wall, but this was my first time on a rope ascending into a tree.

Longtime tree climber Viola Brumbaugh, most recently of New Tribe, led the magazine’s senior editor Matt Halverson and I on a climb of a black walnut tree behind a home — with permission of course! — in North Seattle for our photo shoot. Also, I have to give props that two of my favorite images were selected for print!

Just like all of us, even the best have to untangle sometimes… I really like this image of Viola readying a thin throw line to assist in getting rope into the tree.

I hauled a light-on-a-stick into the tree with me and had a varying result while fighting the twist in the breeze while one-arming a speedlight extended on a monopod in one hand and the camera in the other.