Continuing a string of recent editorial photo assignments that required some serious safety gear and liability waivers to be signed, I found myself getting a glimpse of the storied circus act — the flying trapeze — at Emerald City Trapeze Arts in Seattle. I followed a couple newbies through ‘ground school’ and their first attempts to fly and a couple regulars working to progress.


Above, is the layout from the September issue of Seattle Met, so grab a copy from the news stand and support print or check the piece out online.

The following are a few of my favorite images from the assignment that didn’t make it into print. Above, a participant’s shadow cast through the safety net at Emerald City Trapeze Arts in Seattle.

Instructor — and Cirque du Soleil performance veteran — Brian Flint mans the safety rope, the facility motto across his back, “this could be the day you fly.”

Looking up through the safety netting as a trapeze regular prepares to leave the start platform more than 20 feet above.

A participant dismounts from the safety netting as the instructor assists with the safety rope. In short, I definitely would like to go back some day when not on assignment and give it a go…