A couple shout outs in this Stuff post to two Seattle photographers that I am lucky enough to also call friends. The first, above, is a 3D photo by photographer Ian Coble of whitewater kayaker Tao Berman, so bust out the red and green glasses and head over to Ian’s blog to learn more about his first foray into creating 3D images, or view the image larger on his website. Remember to vote you want a more behind-the-scenes look at how to create the 3D images!

The second shout out goes to photographer Chase Jarvis for his new photo book to hit the selves in October, Seattle 100: Portrait of a City. You can learn more than you ever wanted to know about the book and publishing process over on Chase’s blog.

And last but not least this installement, a new photo blog popped up recently called Guess the Lighting run by photographer Ted Sabarese that offers one man’s idea about how an image was created along with some creative commentary that’s definitely good for a laugh or two. Note, he shows the actual photo along side his hand-scrawled guesstimate, which I’ve included above.