Final series installment of images from Kauai features some surf images from a break at Poipu Beach, and then some snaps from a little stroll into the forest for some cliff and rope swing action at Kipu Falls. Just a reminder of good life rule to follow:  Do not jump off cliffs or rope swings into water if you cannot swim. Period. Even on vacation in Kauai. You may miss your luau. Long story short, our group had to Hasselhoff three — yes, three people from the same family — from drowning in less than an hour. Crazy. Anyway back to the photographs… Enjoy!

Surprisingly I have never tried to put together a sequence before and noticed I had several frames of the man, Scotty R., sending the waterfall cliff. Not perfect, but not too bad for a rookie attempt in Photoshop.

The lovely groom, Ian Coble, leads the charge through the brush to the falls. Congratulations to Ian and Karlee, and a big thank you for including me in your wedding! Good call on having it on Kauai…

Thanks for following along for the impromptu Kauai series, if you missed any check ’em out at the links below:

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