Grammy-award winning singer John Legend recently made an appearance for Hopelink, a Seattle-area charity serving homeless and low-income families, during their annual fundraising luncheon. I was assigned to photograph the noted recording artist during a brief media interview time prior to the lunch appearance.

Being prepared is knowing a little about your subject, and also your location, is crucial to making the most of these time-constrained press engagements. Total time from first frame to last was four minutes and some odd seconds. That include a lit portrait, and environmental portrait placing him in Bellevue and a short meet & greet with a group of Girl Scout volunteers.

John was a consummate professional quickly and easily responding to my little direction, though not much was need for a man that has obviously been in front of  camera before. An assignment like this is not going to break any new photographic ground, or visual revelation about the subject, with any regularity – if ever. This is about being a professional, moving efficiently and producing quality images for the client. For 4 minutes, I feel good about the take, and enjoy his new album, Wake Up! — a collaboration with The Roots — as much I have around the office while pushing pixels.

And below, a quick behind the scenes snap of our portrait “set” — a conference room wall — complete with my DIY beauty dish.