When most people think of hip hop and rappers, Seattle is not the first city to come to mind. And even if you do think of Seattle’s hip hop scene, I’d bet a few pennies that the city’s Eastside suburbs that house companies the likes of Microsoft, would not be in the conversation. Seattle-grown hip hop artists currently making a buzz include Macklemore and Blue Scholars, and I’d be remiss not to remind you of Sir Mix-A-Lot. I recently photographed three rappers in various stages of their careers that are breaking through this affluent suburb stereotype. Above, rapper Neema performs a live show in Everett, WA. Portraits after the jump…

Neema Khorrami, aka @Mr10K on Twitter, has put his feet to the pavement claiming to sell more than 40,000 records out of the trunk of his car.

Neema and fellow artist Know Choice enjoy some seamless deconstruction during a cold parking garage “studio” photo shoot. It felt like we were working in a refrigerator, but the boys were game!

Above and below, Know Choice poses for a couple portraits during a recording session. I shot a couple frames of him at the mic, but had to refrain during actual recording due to shutter noise.

Hip hop artist Akrish.