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Watch this. ‘Nuf said. Hat tip to my buddy Scotty R. for for pointing me to this piece.


I ran across this video from last nights snow in Seattle, which many are calling “snoverrated” after much media hype, and it looks like some folks were out having some fun. Enjoy!

Winter is upon us here in the Pacific Northwest and mountain pass road reports are essential. The WSDOT has a free app for iPhone and Android that has traffic, pass reports, ferries and more for the whole state of Washington. For iPhone users I hear there is an update in the next week or so that will also include pass camera to see that fresh snowfall! Truly useful source of travel info.

UPDATE: Hmmm… The Vimeo version is no longer posted, so you’ll have to use this link to see it at the Arc’teryx website.

I was shown this preview for “All.I.Can.” by my buddy Ian this week and wanted to share it here with you. I’ve seen a lot of ski movies, but this creates a fresh look and feel to the footage using time lapse. Can’t wait to see the whole thing when it is released. For all those mountain goers out there, pray for snow!

Just a little something sweet that caught my eye recently… The Matrix meets surfing. You can read more about the Rip Curl project using 52 Canon DSLRs and behind the scenes info over at PetaPixel. Have a great weekend!

Cameras are everywhere, the most prevalent are in our mobile devices, and the old photography cliche of “being in the right place at the right time” rings true. It has never been easier to take and transmit images from anywhere. I will be the first to admit incessant image taking with my iPhone, such as the rainy commute above. With my roots in photojournalism, this reader-submitted gallery of yesterday’s storm in NYC on the New York Times caught my eye. But with the ease of information transmission and user generated content, so come the pitfalls such as disinformation as TIME was duped by a photo snatched from Twitter showing a tornado near the Statue of Liberty. The surprise to me was that the image was actually real, but had been taken in 1976. It is a good reminder that while photojournalists cannot be everywhere at once on breaking news events, as professionals they can provide true and trusted images.

UPDATE 09.20.10: Not directly a photography related bit, but an interesting timeline about the prematurely reported death of NHL coach Pat Burns.

A couple shout outs in this Stuff post to two Seattle photographers that I am lucky enough to also call friends. The first, above, is a 3D photo by photographer Ian Coble of whitewater kayaker Tao Berman, so bust out the red and green glasses and head over to Ian’s blog to learn more about his first foray into creating 3D images, or view the image larger on his website. Remember to vote you want a more behind-the-scenes look at how to create the 3D images!

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This has circulated around the web the last couple weeks about a very sharp, pointed approach to a job search, “The Google Job Experiment.” Check out more of Alec Brownstein’s work here…

By far the coolest thing I ran across this week is a piece of videojournalism/art  — FREE FALL: World champion freediver Guillaume Nery’s special dive at Dean’s Blue Hole, the deepest blue hole in the world filmed entirely on breath hold by the French champion Julie Gautier.

It is not all shot during a single breath but over four sessions, but no oxygen tanks were used even by the camera operator, and was filmed entirely by the duo on a Canon 5D Mark II. You can read more at Guillaume’s blog. Enjoy!

UPDATE:  Shortly after writing this post, I found a new app ShowCase that allows your to produce and publish audio slideshows from your iPhone on the go. I bought the app and will play with it and let you know how it goes…

This installment of stuff is a collection of tidbits that are of interest to me from my roots in a photojournalism profession making a transition to multimedia  and an iPhone app with nice potential for commercial photographers.

1. Monle, a mobile non-linear audio editor. Haven’t tried it yet, but early reviews look positive.

2. A good Multimedia tools list from 10,000 Words. Lots of stuff there, and can be tweaked to your personal preference.

3. Easy Release by ApplicationGap — A model release app for the iPhone, another app on my list to give a test run. Mixed reviews to start, as releases are not yet customizable, but covers all the bases for general use. Email  yourself/client/whomever a pdf of release signed (via touch screen), model info and photo directly from your phone.

Check ’em out, and come back soon. Have a great weekend!

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