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Final series installment of images from Kauai features some surf images from a break at Poipu Beach, and then some snaps from a little stroll into the forest for some cliff and rope swing action at Kipu Falls. Just a reminder of good life rule to follow:  Do not jump off cliffs or rope swings into water if you cannot swim. Period. Even on vacation in Kauai. You may miss your luau. Long story short, our group had to Hasselhoff three — yes, three people from the same family — from drowning in less than an hour. Crazy. Anyway back to the photographs… Enjoy! Continue reading photo post…


I’m going to share some photos over the week from my recent trip to Kauai. You can consider them personal work, photojournalism, vacation snaps or whatever… The images are off the cuff of scenes that caught my eye with no intent towards a commercial outlet. This first series is from a sunset dinner cruise aboard a catamaran from Port Allen to the Na Pali Coast. Unfortunately we caught the first winter storm of the season with 8-14 foot swells. More than a third of the passengers got seasick and only five ate dinner. I’ll admit to having to work hard and be mentally tough to hold it down, but I snuck through without incident. Above, the mountains of the Na Pali Coast soar to nearly 4,200 feet in elevation from sea level.

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It’s been a little quiet here on the blog the last couple weeks, but that is due in part to some fun projects and a trip to Kauai for a good friend’s wedding and time with my wife and son. I’ll put together a fun photo post this week on some of the sights from my visit, since how can you go to Hawaii and not snap some frames in a beautiful place?!? Above, is an image from a little time I spent shooting a Canon G9 in an underwater housing at Poipu Beach. Keep an eye out for more to come…

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