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Yesterday I had the opportunity to photograph comedian, game show host and actor Drew Carey during a visit to Seattle. Carey was making an appearance at a Friends of Youth charity luncheon and then rooting on the Seattle Sounders FC – a MLS soccer franchise where he is a co-owner.

Not knowing how much time I’d have for the portrait session I made a decision to keep it simple — a single stobe over head in a small softbox and a black sheet of foamcoar for a backdrop. I racked two camera bodies one with a 50mm f/1.8 and a 17-35mm f/2.8 to give me a chance at different looks in a short time without fumbling around switching lenses wasting valuable time. By the end of the session, unafraid to hold a Nikon, Drew had one of my cameras pointed back at me.  Below you can see the simple backdrop and our location. At right, is an iPhone snap of Carey taping a t.v. interview as I wait my turn. He really presents as a genuine guy and I enjoyed my time — however short — photographing Drew.


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