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Recently spent some time unwinding with my family along the Washington coast in Ocean Shores. A few of my favorite snaps from a blustery January day after the jump…

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Just a little something sweet that caught my eye recently… The Matrix meets surfing. You can read more about the Rip Curl project using 52 Canon DSLRs and behind the scenes info over at PetaPixel. Have a great weekend!

Final series installment of images from Kauai features some surf images from a break at Poipu Beach, and then some snaps from a little stroll into the forest for some cliff and rope swing action at Kipu Falls. Just a reminder of good life rule to follow:  Do not jump off cliffs or rope swings into water if you cannot swim. Period. Even on vacation in Kauai. You may miss your luau. Long story short, our group had to Hasselhoff three — yes, three people from the same family — from drowning in less than an hour. Crazy. Anyway back to the photographs… Enjoy! Continue reading photo post…

It’s been a little quiet here on the blog the last couple weeks, but that is due in part to some fun projects and a trip to Kauai for a good friend’s wedding and time with my wife and son. I’ll put together a fun photo post this week on some of the sights from my visit, since how can you go to Hawaii and not snap some frames in a beautiful place?!? Above, is an image from a little time I spent shooting a Canon G9 in an underwater housing at Poipu Beach. Keep an eye out for more to come…

I recently had the opportunity to shoot from the underwater viewing tunnel at the King County Aquatic center during a state championship swim meet. I’ve photographed this in years past, but have always been denied access to the tunnel, including the reasoning “it leaks.” So approved access had me stoked for a new perspective. Thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you here on the blog…

I was intrigued by the shapes of various divers as they completed their dive attempts and felt a nice black and white process distilled the images down to an art-like view of body form. A couple more images after the jump… Read the rest of this entry »

Just about ready to get back to work after time off for our new family addition. Took a surprise visit to grandma’s in Eastern Washington and some time on the lake. The weather has been iffy for the wakeboard, but fishing is not too bad…


Eastern Washington | July 2009

All images from the iPhone 3GS using a couple of my favorite apps Camera Bag and Tilt Shift.

Had an opportunity to go for a wakesurfing session this past week… definitely will be trying to get some more time on the board soon, but will probably have to wait a few as we are in a family holding pattern for our son to be born any day now. Until I get another chance I’ll have a these snaps from Lake Sammamish, WA. Enjoy!


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